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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.


Our little man is ready to "open" his first Christmas season!  No doubt his momma and poppa are eagerly awaiting their first visit from Santa this year.  We also highly endorse visits each December from Santa's elves so we think this little guy should have his own elf in that box!

The many faces of our 1 year old as she tries out her party and cake just make us smile!  She is just about our best friend after spending the first year together.  Thanks for being our customer from the time you were just a fresh little wee bundle!

Love Abounds! Murfreesboro Engagements

How fun to meet this newly engaged couple so busy with their wedding plans.  We met them at one of our very favorite places and tromped around to check out where they liked best.  They were so easy to work with and excited about their plans.  We hope they enjoy all their pictures and wanted to get them a little sneak peek while they wait.  They are just as pleasant and loving with each other that you can quite easily visualize their beautiful future laid out ahead of them!

Baby Photographers-Murfreesboro

Mr. S came for his first portrait session and was not quite sure how to take the two women in his face with black boxes!  He had lots of smiles for clothing changes and little talks but not so, so many smiles with clicks and lenses.  I think he did a great job, though, for his first time.  Obviously, he is just going to need more portrait opportunity as he grows!!

"Voted Most Handsome!"

We just can't say much more that what the pictures say about this bundle of joy!  Yes, he was as good as he looks like he was.  He cooed, grinned, drooled his way further into our hearts and we can't wait to document his first year for his precious mom and dad.  He is goodness galore!

Brown Eyed Beauty!

This lovely little lady was a dream to work with!  She brought all the goods-beautiful eyes, lovely hair, and the sweetest little smile.  She was as comfortable as she appears which is a real feat when you are this age.  This one is in her first year of middle school....remember that?  Can't say that all of us transition quite so well through those awkward years!  Stay beautiful, Miss C, both inside and out!

Wedding Sneak First Peek!

We LOVE black and white-especially in wedding photography!  It is classic and timeless and is so beautiful.  Our bride is a stunner and we'll have more to share soon.  Just could not resist throwing up some beautiful black and white images from the special day.  Congratulations to the gorgeous couple.  They are as sweet and kind to work with as they look and we so enjoyed getting to document their entire journey from engagement to wedding day.  We are currently booking 2013 weddings on limited space availability if you have your event date reserved!

Baby C. is 2 Weeks New!

Baby C. was so, so good for us when we got to meet her for the first time!  We had heard from her grandmother what a stunning beauty she was and she did not disappoint.  Not only does she have beauty, but is also blessed with good manners.  She let us pose and play without but just a whimper or two.  Dad says it was because she was catching up on her sleep from the night before!!  Well, she was perfect for her photo shoot and we are so happy to be able to watch her grow during her first year.  Welcome to the Cogknitive Baby Bunch!!

Time for Family!

One of the best things about this photography gig is meeting wonderful folks that instantly become friends!  Such is the case with this beautiful family tromping through an afternoon with us.   Little man is such a ham bone that all the ladies can do is roll their eyes and laugh with him!  They are a gorgeous bunch and we hope they enjoy their pictures as much as we enjoyed getting to share the time with them!

"Falling" for these guys!

You may remember our precious twin boys that we have so missed them since their first birthday.  But this week they brought us more family to shoot when they came to see us for their sitting!  We feel like we are part of their family since we took pictures when they were still in their sweet momma's belly and watched them grow for their whole first year.  It only makes since that we should bring in the cousins and the grandparents too!  Thanks so much for trusting us to capture the moments as they all grow.  We loved the visit!

This is a Smile in a Picture!

We got to visit with this little guy again yesterday and it is so apparent that he loves, loves, loves his momma.  So, for all the moms who have had sloppy kisses from their baby boys, here's a couple to make you smile!

40 Years and Many More!

This sweet couple celebrated 40 years by renewing their commitment to one another and to the precious family they have.  Thanks for including us in all the celebration and for being such a positive force in this old world!  We wish you many, many more years of happiness together.

Cruising into Fall!

Our 9 month old little lady is a "cruiser" for sure!  She was so very happy to have her pictures made-just like we were so very happy to make them.  She and mom "tackled" the pictures this time while dad worked on tackling with his football team.  Of course, when we thought she was good and spent from our workout, dad came by and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  We think she has him just where she wants him :)  But, hey, who could resist all this sweetness?  Not us, that's for sure!  Enjoy your sneak peek, dad.

On the Move!!

Miss M. is large and in charge and on the move!  We just love this happy girl and loved getting to chase her around today.  We are not real sure that big brother is quite as excited about her newfound freedom as we are :)  Happy fall, ya'll!

Love is in the air!

We have enjoyed a weekend full of couples in love!  We began with bridals on Saturday morning, and finished with engagements on Sunday evening.  This cute couple was super fun to work with.  We tromped all around "downtown" Christiana to find just the right setting for this sweet pair!

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