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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.

Shelby Hits Senior Year!

Now, ain't she cute!?!  We so enjoyed meeting Miss Shelby and tromping her all over our town.  We are simply itching to get to her town in a couple of weeks and let her show us all around for more picture opportunities.  Busy, busy weekend this weekend but we loved it all.  Thanks for trusting us with your memories :)

"Bama Baby"

This sweet baby boy was destined to be an Alabama fan!  From a crimson crib, to blankets and clothes the tide rolls deep at his house!  Thanks again to mom and dad for letting us love on your little one.  We look forward to watching him grow!

Master "N" is 6 Months Old!

Mom told us straight up when we arrived to do baby N's pictures that he was cranky today.  Well, if this is the cranky boy, we love it and may just have to arrange to photograph more cranky babies!  He was truly delightful-just grinned and giggled all through the shoot until he rubbed his eyes and told us he was sleepy ;)  He has some of the most gorgeous eyes we have gotten to see, too.  We simply can't wait to see him again at 9 months old!

Beautiful Family in Every Way

This is just one of the sweetest families ever.  The boys take great care of their lady and she obviously adores her guys!  Young man will head back to college within the week, and take it from me, we mommas miss those college kids!!  They wanted a few pictures before he headed back and they turned out just great.  We enjoyed our time with them all and wish Mr. W the best of luck this year in his endeavors!

Seniors in the Fam!-High School and College

What a gorgeous pair of sibling seniors!!  Sweet girl is headed off to grad school while Bro finishes up high school.  These two are special to us and to everyone they meet and we wish them the best in all their endeavors :)

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