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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.

Pretty Picture

Been playing around with Miss Meric for 3 year old shots and this one is a beauty...shows those great eyes she's got!

Summer Lovin'

Today's weather made me itchy to get back outside and start snapping some fun!  I had bright green spring grass, daffodils, blue skies, and warm sun on my mind.  It made me go back and peek at some of last summer's work.  This pic of Carly was done on a sweltering hot afternoon.  We even had a quick rainstorm blow up and then leave us with even thicker air!  These shots were actually done in the barn while the rain fell.  After all the snow (which was gorgeous), today's sunny skies sure took me back.  Holly and I stand firm on the fact that we are summer people who simply tolerate the cold.  Today was our kind of day for which we are grateful!

2 Baby Boys!

This precious couple will add two in the spring.  Talk about the "power of two!"  As we anxiously await the arrival of the boys, we thought they might enjoy a snow day as much as the rest of us do.  Now, we want to take them out for a day in the sunshine, too!!

Snow Way!

Well, some people do the Polar Bear Plunge!

War Eagle!

If you are a follower of the blog, you'll know about my love of the University of Tennessee.  It has been heightened since I write checks to that fine establishment now!  However, my husband's blood runs a deeper shade of orange than the rest of the family.  He is a hardcore Auburn fan.  I feel the need to clarify that he has been one since I've known him. That's important because he would want you all to know that he is not a johnny come lately or a fair weather fan....oh, no, my man is a War Eagle and an Auburn Tiger (but I don't know how they got both of those mascots together!)  However, any real supporter of SEC football needs to be liking War Eagles and Auburn Tigers better than Oregon Ducks!! The pictures are from a visit we made over Christmas and a fitting reminder to us SEC fans of the grand tradition of southern football.  So......WAR EAGLE!!

New Lens...New Love!

Well just look what Santa brought!!!  Yes! Big kids get new toys too!  A new lens...Oh, such a pretty piece of glass.  The elves must have worked very hard on this one.  Just look at how this guy captured my brown-eyed girl and her baby soft skin!  I can't wait to see all of the fun pics that are to come, but here is a sneak peek!

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