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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.

Murfreesboro Photography-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Do we really need to say anything?  Really....this is so cute it stinks!!  These sweet girls are sandwiched between two boys, so we thought we would take some time out to be very girly.  They took to it very well, huh?

Going Places!

This cute girl and her suitcase are definitely going places!  We had such fun taking pics of Miss. Amy yesterday!

Beautiful Miss Amy has been through quite an ordeal this summer.  She had corrective surgery on her back and that made this cross country runner stop and put her feet up for a while.  As these pictures attest, she is all put back together again and ready for her close up!  We enjoyed carting her around town for some well deserved attention!

Age of unsureness!

Here's my rather apprehensive looking boy on his first day of second grade.  He already loves his teacher, has great fun with his classmates, and has developed some of the same 2nd grade quirks I had noticed his big sister having.  This must be an age of unsureness.  You can read it on his face.  He does wonderfully once he decides that he can.  Right now, there's a tooth literally hanging by a thread in there.  But, he is mortified about losing it.  Mind you, he's lost teeth before, but remember "age of unsureness!"  When big sis was a second grader she worried about the correct amount of sleep!!
With our weather being SO hot, we haven't taken clients outside for shoots.  The weather is breaking this weekend and we already have a gorgeous young girl ready to roll.  Meanwhile, I will encourage the boy 'cause he's such a second grader now!

Murfreesboro Photography-Moving (again!) to UT

So, we moved my girl back to K-town this weekend.  Of course, I had to make time to snap a few pictures of the old traditions on campus and even this last one of the frantic new face of Neyland.  I feel sure it will be finished by game time!  The black and whites are timeless images for all the students, fans, and fellow Tennesseans who support the university.  We think we will print some to decorate their new apartment-sending them out to you soon, girls!  Miss you sweetie!  Go Vols!

Murfreesboro Photography-Bridal Portraits

Our September bride is going to be a real stunner!  It is SO hard to hide these bridal portraits until the day, so.....this is a small bit of cheating!  It doesn't show the hair, the dress, the shoes, or the whole bouquet.  I think we stay within legal bounds to post her gorgeous face.  We are looking forward to the big day!

Murfreesboro Photography-Senior Pictures

Can we just say again how much fun we have with these young seniors?!  What a great, great time in a young life and we get to share in it and help make the memories last.  This sweet lady was wonderful to work with and the pictures are as lovely as she is sweet.  You will notice the pearls...a very special gift to  a special girl from a special family friend.  And, when you have a cute twin brother, we have to include him in a couple of shots.  Enjoy your post, Andrea!  We had a wonderful time with you!

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