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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.

Gerhart for Register of Deeds!

We were honored to get to photograph the beautiful Gerhart family.  Jennifer is running for re-election to her post as Rutherford County register of deeds.  That is a  position she has held and run responsibly for many years now.  She is a very capable county employee and we encourage you to cast your vote for her in the next election.  Her family will be helping her in the campaign over the coming months.  As you can tell, she will be well represented by them all!  Best of luck, friend!

Murfreesboro Photography-Spring is for Love!

I am so excited about our spring weddings we have coming up.  We have gotten a sneak peek at the brides since we have gotten to do bridal portraits for them now.  The only problem with that is that these brides have all elected not to be seen by their groom before the weddings.  So.....we can't post any sneak peeks of the beautiful ladies in their gowns.  Or, maybe we could!  I think this one is just gorgeous of one of our brides and it's such a tight shot that there's no chance of catching a glimpse of the dress.  Can't wait to unveil all of her!

Murfreesboro Photography-This is 1st Grade!

I had such a hard time posting again since McCall's 3 month shoot!  This subject gave me enough inspiration to move to another post.  Tripp's birthday party was a blast.  First graders seem to absolutely love swimming and sliding on a very large water slide!  This sweet doll epitomizes 1st grade for me.  Do you notice the missing front tooth?  What a moment in time!

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