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Welcome to "Cogknitive images" photography, where Holly Coggin and Kristi Knitter work as a team to create keepsakes that are a reflection of each individual. We believe that a photography session should be as fun for you as it is for us! Therefore, we generally use you as our guide. It is our goal to capture you doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our recent work and please consider us for your future photography needs.

Murfreesboro Photographers-It's Beginning to Look a lot....

like Christmas!  There's snow!!  Oh, my goodness!  How did we get it this early and will it be here for the 25th?  Meanwhile, we are enjoying pj time (snow day from school) and reading to sweet Elfie.  Elfie is here in December to check on Tripp and report back to Santa.  Slater boy has Max to come check on him and sister girl.  I am pretty sure that the elves are reporting good things to Santa and he will be able to bring our babies some fun gifts.  Good thing he works in the snow and will be able to get through no matter the weather conditions!

Murfreesboro Photographers-Classic Black and White

As photographers, it's a thing of beauty when color is perfect, clear and crisp.  But there's no way around the classic attraction of beautiful black and white prints, especially in wedding and family portraiture.  It's timeless really.  Well, maybe the UT orange shakers are a new twist on the old classic look.  Rocky Top rocked the house!!

Murfreesboro Photographers-Look at our Bride!

MB and J tied the knot in a formal ceremony just last night.  We were dying to show you the gown, but had to hold on until the big night.  Here are just a couple from our fun day of bridals and one quick peek at the happy bride and groom.  Of course, we have LOTS more from their big event, but wanted to get up a quick peek and wish them well in their new life.  We'll post more of the fun over the coming weeks!

Murfreesboro Photographers-Tease Peek

We got to follow our next bride around and, boy, is she a stunner. And did we mention adventurous!?  She was up for all we had to offer and had some of her own plans, too!!  The wedding is still a few weeks off, so Miss MB is busy shopping bridal portraits right now.  We'll get her fav here on time for the wedding, but the weather this weekend was worth waiting for!  We are absolutely chomping at the bit to show some of her portraits so be watching.

Murfreesboro Photographers-GRAND girls!

Grandma wanted a portrait of her girls, and who could blame her with these sweet faces!  Our favorites of the three of them are with those popping scarfs and that edgy orange headband.  We have shot Miss E and MJ two times before, and they are getting really comfortable with the process.  By the time they are seniors and brides, we will have professional models on our hands!

Our McCall is One!

McCall had her first birthday party-a tea party.  So there were hats and cakes, neither of which she cares ANYTHING for!  Give her a ham and biscuit and she's a content little girl.  Well, maybe a few ham and biscuits to be really content :)  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Murfreesboro Photographers-Sisters, Sisters!

Sisters are forever and these two are special girls.  We got to photograph them a couple of years ago just as we were starting to work at this photography idea.  They are sort of like our charter girls so we were tickled to get to work with them again.  They are growing into beautiful young ladies!

Murfreesboro Photographers-"Fall" for a Senior!

Aaron was a great sport with us for pictures!  He cooperated and never complained when we asked him to move, change, turn, and pose.  While his grandmother and "D'ine" may have their own personal favorites of the day, we feel certain Mr. Aaron is most pleased with his truck pictures!

Murfreesboro photographers-Family Fun

This has got to be one of the sweetest families we know!  We so loved playing in the leaves with them all.  They were just good as gold, too!  Mom and Dad were wondering if they were sick but we know they were just enjoying it as much as we were.  We have had the best couple of weeks playing with lots of families, kids, and teens and are looking forward to posting some beautiful fall color over the next little bit on the blog.  Stay tuned for more fun surprises.

Murfreesboro Photographers-Again, one that I love!

Okay, so it was a family shoot...family of six total.  So, I'm pretty sure this is not the pic that anyone had in mind.  All that being said, I love it.  Sometimes, an image just speaks to you, weird, but it really happens.  I say when it does, that's the one to go with because I don't think you would ever regret having it.  There's one Holly took of my two babies that is all just sides of faces and sweet cheeks and eyelashes.  It's the BIG one over my bed.  I'm not sure if anyone else truly loves it, but I still do every day that I see it.  Well, that's my spill for the day and I love this photo.  It's not my child, but I might have to have it BIG somewhere in my life!!

Murfreesboro Family Photography

A typical family photo shoot!  Mom remains focused, and...everyone else has their own ideas!  We had lots of fun tromping around the farm and taking pics of these guys yesterday!

Murfreesboro Photographers-Baby Brennen

Baby Brennen is 3 months old.  We posted old style, classic black and whites, but Grammy really likes the color one of him in the crib his Great Granddaddy, Poppa, made.  As long as he has his hands in his mouth, seems like he likes it too!

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